Unintended disclosure, physical and portable device loss accounted for 70% of breaches in just Government & Healthcare sector. Are you in control of your data?

Source:Trend Labs/Privacy Rights Clearinghouse(PRC)

Take control of your data security life cycle. If hackers cannot get to your critical data you do not need to lose sleep over Data Security. Ardent is helping to secure your data effectively so your critical data is safe and secure and will not be at lose to breach. Follow simplistic data security life cycle and save yourself from next security breach.

  1. Know where your data is
  2. Store data securely
  3. Use or Access data securely
  4. Eliminate/destroy data securely

Everyday 2.5 quintillion bytes of data is generated and 90% data is generated in last 2 years alone. No doubt your organization is also part of that big data story. However, are you managing data life cycle securely? Does your data has defined life? Data at lose is data prone to compromise. Specially data which is sensitive.

Ardent is on mission to eliminate data securely so it does not exist to be compromised. Data may be on premise or on cloud we can delete it on defined lifecycle.

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