The Problem

As data grows and storage costs drop, businesses collect and store enormous amounts of data. This data explosion has created serious risk of mishandling data and potential for compromise. As businesses deal with the challenge of storing and securely managing big, sensitive data, we realize that not all data is necessary or has a future business use. Collecting and storing huge amounts of data without a pre-defined future use is a risky approach. It renders businesses vulnerable to data breach and leakage.

Though security and privacy technologies are emerging to help cope with these big data problems, hackers and cyber criminals find ways to stay a step ahead. More data means more responsibility to secure it and additional financial liability. Financial liability arising out of such breach can impact a business as well as its credibility. This may invite regulatory penalties and even charges of criminal negligence.

Our Solution

  Our philosophy for data security is very simple – minimize your data, reduce your business risk. We believe that malware detection technologies and traditional perimeter security measures are not enough in this new business world to deter unauthorized access to your data assets. More data also requires investing in more storage and security infrastructure. These costs can eat into the profitability of a business.

  We are on a mission to help businesses re-assess their data strategy. Our solution works on the principle of Data Minimization. Data minimization refers to the practice of limiting the storage of sensitive data to that which is directly relevant and necessary to accomplish a specified purpose. Our Data Minimization Platform solution employs an innovative approach in helping businesses identify and eliminate obsolete but sensitive data. This helps businesses cultivate and reinforce better data security hygiene habits.

Comprehensive Solution Featuring

High Speed

High speed sensitive data discovery and identification in the form of a user-friendly heat map that enables quick assessment and resolution of discovered data related risks.


Secure, irrecoverable elimination or sensible remediation of re-discovered and identified data.

Automated Workflows

Automated work-flows, toolset and engine for secure data elimination on pre-defined end-of-life data.

Open Source Components

Open source development enabling rapid plug in into agile development lifecycle supporting DevSecOps.

The Ardent Advantage

Ardent founding team has vast experience in enterprise security and has in depth understanding of making data security projects successful. Unlike existing solutions which follow a resource intensive approach of scanning through files, Ardent uses easy techniques to quickly identify and provide pointers to data, helping map data speedily and enables quick decision making on discovered data. It provides automated work-flows, tool-set and engine for secure data elimination reducing business risk .

  • Completely software based method without dependency on hardware
  • Data securely deleted with no recoverability
  • Meets federal sanitization standard for data deletion. (SP800-88)
  • Supports block by block deletion for sanitizing partial data in live systems.
  • Easy to use, fully automated and highly-scalable.
  • Provide life-cycle for secure data deletion, define your data deletion life cycle, and validate data deletion process.

Who we are?

We are a passionate team of enterprise security experts and on a mission to change the focus of the security industry towards data-centric security and make your security investment worthy, which in-turn will reduce your cyber risk.


Data is one of the most valuable assets for corporations.

Ardent Security

We provide the next level of security for your data.

We believe less is more when it comes to storing sensitive data. Despite highly secure environments, collecting, creating and storing data, especially sensitive data, without a defined use is like being a ‘sitting duck’. That increases your risk and we can reduce that by enabling secure data life cycle using our solution.