Ardent Security

Ardent’s philosophy for data security is very simple – minimize your data, reduce your business risk. We believe that malware detection technologies and traditional perimeter security measures are not enough in this new business world to deter unauthorized access to your data assets. More data also requires investing in more storage and security infrastructure. These costs can eat into the profitability of a business.


Ardent is on a mission to help businesses re-assess their data strategy. Our solution works on the principle of Data Minimization. Data minimization refers to the practice of limiting the storage of sensitive data to that which is directly relevant and necessary to accomplish a specified purpose. Our Data Minimization Platform solution employs an innovative approach in helping businesses identify and eliminate obsolete but sensitive data. This helps businesses cultivate and reinforce better data security hygiene habits.

Ardent's solution is a comprehensive Data Minimization Platform comprising of...

  • High speed sensitive data discovery and identification in the form of a user-friendly heat map that enables quick assessment and resolution of discovered data related risks.
  • Secure, irrecoverable elimination or sensible remediation of re-discovered and identified data.
  • Automated work-flows, toolset and engine for secure data elimination on pre-defined end-of-life data.
  • Open source development enabling rapid plug in into agile development lifecycle supporting DevSecOps.